A hillside full of homes of a variety of architectural styles in front of the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

Our Featured California Real Estate Communities

Wherever we've got great agents of our own, or anywhere we're partnered with a great Realtor or brokerage, you'll find listings in those areas on our site. We haven't taken over California real estate.....yet. Though it is likely we will continue to expand in to new regions, we do so only with the assurance that our own company and anyone we partner with are not sacrificing the top-notch customer service we're known for in pursuit of expansion. Growth is important, we want to grow with you and your family as you continue your California real estate adventure.

Explore Our Featured California Regions


PHA Realty's area of service covers a great deal of land that includes various geographic features. You will find quiet neighborhoods nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, hustle and bustle of diverse communities in San Francisco's East Bay area, and generous homes outside of the dynamic city of Los Angeles. There is a wide variety of communities scattered throughout California, and each region features its own unique lifestyle, architectural styles, and landscape. We've compiled information about all the communities we serve in order to help you locate your dream home in the neighborhood that's right for you and your family. Enjoy the pleasant milieu of the Placer County and Nevada County communities, or head south to take advantage of the diverse splendors of the San Gabriel Valley—the choice is yours.

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Sierra Foothills Real Estate


In the Sacramento area, real estate in the surrounding Sierra Foothills is highly desirable due to the Sierra Nevada Mountain's various geographical features that make the region a truly special place to live. With plenty of communities to suit every need, from Roseville to Lincoln and up to Auburn, you'll find a mixture of rural, urban, and suburban real estate opportunities in a variety of different landscapes.

As one of the fastest growing regions in the country, Sacramento area homes, such as those in Placer County or Nevada County, offer amazing growth opportunity for your investment while remaining very affordable. Real estate in the Sierra Nevada region varies from affordable starter homes and condos, to exquisite luxury estates and rural properties, satisfying a variety of home buyer preferences.

Homes For Sale In San Francisco East Bay Area


Homes for sale in Oakland, CA are popular because of the scenic and energetic nature of the city - there is a reason why it is the highest populated city in the East Bay Area. Well known to be one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country, Piedmont real estate centers you within an abundance of cultural amenities. Experience the striking hillside neighborhoods that offer shelter from the cool weather experienced in San Francisco, and priceless views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The San Francisco East Bay real estate market is booming. Offering more affordable home prices compared to the nearby San Francisco, yet providing the as much rich culture and history, it's no wonder Oakland, and other East Bay cities, are excellent areas to purchase a home.

San Gabriel Valley Real Estate


Some of the most desirable homes for sale outside of the Los Angeles area can be found in the San Gabriel Valley. Properties with generously sized lots and exquisite landscaping populate the bustling communities and well-designed neighborhoods in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

With the mountain scenery offering a dramatic backdrop, homes in La Crescenta, CA are just a short drive away from the dynamic city of Los Angeles.  Real estate in this area represents some of the best in California living. It is no wonder that the San Gabriel real estate marketing is booming.

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