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Refinancing | Does the Cost Outweigh the Benefit?

When it comes to Lending, Finance, and Real Estate every situation is independent and unique so there is never one solution that is always best for everyone. When it comes to these decisions, every situation must be evaluated independently in order to determine which of your available options will help you accomplish your goals. Refinancing your mortgage is no different. Depending on your circumstances it could be a great choice or possibly a waste of money.

When you talk with Real Estate Broker & Mortgage Officer, Mary Pizzimenti, her primary focus will be to help figure out whether the costs associated with Refinancing are worth the the savings that you'll be seeing in your monthly housing expense. How much you owe and what your future plans are will help determine what's best for your situation.

Mary is more than happy to answer any of your questions and you can either reach out to her directly with a call or email or you can fill out our Refi form below and we'll be in touch.

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