Food Truck Fun, Farmers Markets and More in Granite Bay

John LaRosa 04/08/2014

What will we do when we get there is always something to consider when looking for a new home. When you’re looking at Granite Bay real estate, the answer is: Plenty!

This California community offers something for everyone, and many community events intended to help you have some fun and get acquainted with your neighbors. Every Tuesday, for instance, you can pick up some fresh produce at the community farmers market. On the second Thursday of every month, the community plays host to food trucks, giving your family a chance to enjoy the gourmet and mundane in the almost carnival atmosphere of a food truck gathering.

For retirees and older adults considering Granite Bay, the community has an active adult club called the Gloves and Shovels Garden Club to help pass some time or get some great ideas for landscaping at your new home.

There are public and private tennis courts; equestrian centers, including one that offers summer camps to train young riders; and two public golf courses. If organized relaxation is not your thing, there’s always the quiet enjoyment of Miners Ravine Nature Reserve to help you forget about the stress of life outside the community.

If you’re considering Granite Bay when looking for your new home, you can immediately check entertainment available off your list of requirements. Add that to the gorgeous weather and mountain views, and the recreation options at Folsom Lake, and your decision may be half made.  All you need to do is find the perfect house.

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