Our clients, Greg & Neita, participated in the Buyers Incentive program, pictured here in front of their new home

Introducing Our Buyers Incentive Program

Serious About Buying? We’ll Show You How Serious We Are About Winning Your Business.

With our Buyers Incentive Program you get cash back at the close of escrow by simply following our program guidelines. Through years of experience in real estate we’ve developed a simple set of guidelines that help streamline the homebuying process and allow us to offer a more comprehensive customer experience.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we want you to share your experience with your family, friends, and colleagues. Your willingness to do so allows us to provide you with this offer.

Here’s What You Get By Participating

Our Commitment to You

When you participate in our Buyers Incentive Program you receive 5% of our commission amount credited back to you at the close of escrow†. That means that we're giving you 5% of our commission to help reduce the impact of your closing costs.

Here's an example. If you purchase a home for $400,000 and our commission is 3% of the purchase price, your incentive would be 5% of our commission, that's $600 that you would receive as a credit at the close of escrow.

†Some lenders may limit the amount or prohibit entirely a credit back to borrowers because of the conditions of the loan or the borrowers financial situation. As soon as a lender is chosen we will work to determine what, if any, limitations they would impose on this offer.

Here’s What It Takes to Participate

Your Commitment to Us

Agree to work with us exclusively as your Buyer’s Representative for a period of at least one year. This means…

  • Meeting with us in person. Set up an appointment so we can get to know you and (more importantly) so you can get to know us. CONTACT CTA’s
  • Registering and verifying your user account on our website.
  • Providing us with your search criteria so we can help you find the home you are looking for. This allows us to create a search for you on our website that will regularly send updates when new homes are listed with your criteria.
  • Getting Pre-Qualified with a preferred lender in our business network or of your own choosing prior to viewing any homes. In today’s market, rarely can you make an offer without being Pre-Qualified. The Seller simply wants to know that you are serious and so do we.
  • Informing all other agents, builders, and home sellers you meet (or have spoken to) that you are working with PHA Realty and Your PHA Realty Agent exclusively, even when we aren’t there with you in person.
  • Allowing us to prepare, present, and negotiate offers on any home you are interested in purchasing. Including newly constructed homes, manufactured homes as well as any home you locate through us or on your own.
  • Listening to and considering our advice and guidance while actively pursuing opportunities that are presented during the property search. As well as acting in good faith toward the timely completion of any offer or contract that is entered in to for the purchase of a home. We’ve got a wealth of experience and knowledge but we still need your diligence to keep the wheels turning throughout the entire transaction. Time is of the essence.

Your Willingness to Share Your Experience

We want you to be pleased with our service, so pleased in fact that you are willing to share your experience with your family, friends, and colleagues. This means…

  • Completing a Google or Yelp Review.
  • Liking our PHA Realty Facebook page, and/or following PHA Realty on Google+ and Twitter.
  • Sharing a post or an article from our Blog on social networks.
  • Taking a photo

If you’re worried about not being able to comply with any of these requirements because you aren’t very tech-savy or you aren’t on any social networks, don’t fret. If you’re willing to share your story about working with us we’re certain we’ll be able to work out a solution that is satisfactory.

Here’s What’s So Great About This Program

Did you know that as a Buyer in a real estate transaction, you don’t pay anything for the services of your real estate agent or broker.

Well Who Pays the Real Estate Agent Then?

The services of real estate representatives (REALTORs, Agents, and Brokers) are almost always paid as a commission percentage of the sale price which is deducted from the proceeds of the sale. This means that the Seller effectively “pays” for the commission out of the sale price. Check out our helpful Info Graphic Who’s Who (and who pays for what) When Buying a Home to learn more about how real estate commissions work and why it makes sense to have an agent representing your interests as a homebuyer. You might be pretty surprised by what you learn.

We’re Cutting You in on Our Commission

Did you take a look at the InfoGraphic? If not, you really should consider it (here).

You can see that as a Buyer’s Agent the services and representation we’re providing you with are paid for by the Seller at a rate that is already set. This means that you aren’t “paying” for our services. So the credit that we are giving you at Escrow is effectively “money back” on a fee that you didn’t even have to pay. The credit from our Incentive Program can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This is money you wouldn’t have received otherwise, that you can now use to help alleviate the expenses associated with turning a NEW home, in to YOUR home.

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