Selling Your Home in California

When the time comes that you feel ready to put your home on the market, PHA realty is there to assist you—from researching comps to closing the deal.  Your home is usually the largest investment you have made and we want to help you avoid any mistakes in pricing, listing and promoting this critical asset.  As a small, local business based in California, we are able to focus our efforts and bring years of experience selling real estate in Placer County, Nevada County, Sacramento, Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and the East Bay. We are hard at work and dedicated to producing results that in your favor.

Home Sellers' Tools & Resources

Selling Homes in California
  • Free Home Evaluation: The first step to selling your home is to determine its value. Our free market analysis will consider the various market conditions relative to your home and determine a price range the Placer County / Nevada County real estate market will bear. Let us help you take this first step.

  • Get the Best Price When Selling Your Home: Our Home Seller's Guide discusses several errors made by many homeowners when selling their home, and shows you how to avoid those costly mistakes.

  • Connect with PHA Realty: Selling your home with an experienced and knowlegeable PHA Realty agent will take the guesswork out of the process. Contact us anytime so we can help you sell your home quickly and profitably.

  • See What's on The Market: Use our convenient Placer County / Nevada County property search tool to see what other homes in your area are selling for and what kind of competition your home is up against.


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