Granite Bay Houses Mean Luxury

John LaRosa 03/26/2014

When you decide to look for a home in the nicest community in northern California, look no further than Granite Bay.

Residents in this small community respect each other’s space. With just 20,000 residents in 21 square miles, your new home will have the privacy and outdoor living space you want with amenities close at hand. Exclusive neighborhoods and luxury homes are the norm here, as are excellent schools, shopping and great recreational opportunities.

Just 25 miles northeast of Sacramento, Granite Bay may have previously been home to an entertainer or star athlete, but now it’s the perfect place for you and your family. The focus here is on quality of life, not the rat race. The crime rate is low and property values are on the rise.

With spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granite Bay is located near the base of the foothills, offering perfect California weather and an easy commute to either the mountains or the beach. Then there are the neighbors. Granite Bay is such a great place to live that many prominent Californians have chosen to call this great town their home. You never know who you might see at the grocery store!

But the best reason to look at Granite Bay real estate is to find a home that has everything you have ever wanted. Many of these spacious, luxury homes are in planned communities with homeowners’ associations to help protect your property value and your investment. Maybe it’s time to move home to Granite Bay.

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