Live Among California History in Rocklin

John LaRosa 04/08/2014

If natural beauty, the environment and California history are among your passions, consider looking at Rocklin homes for sale.

Even with the natural beauty that is all of California, Rocklin manages to set itself apart as a diverse look at the state’s geography. From the granite quarry in the Secret Ravine, to open spaces and wetlands reserved by the city to promote natural beauty within it, looking at Rocklin homes can be an exercise in nature appreciation.

The community’s dedication to preserving the California environment is second only to its dedication to preserving California history. Rocklin happily traces its roots to the California Gold Rush, and many of the areas of town are at least named for the types of immigrants who once lived here. China Gardens, for example, was the temporary home to Chinese immigrants wanting to make a living growing vegetables. Though the residents were chased away in one of the less attractive moments of California history, the name persists.

Residents of Rocklin are also reminded of the Finnish settlers with the Old Finnish Picnic Grounds and Finn Hall. Tradition is important in Rocklin — so much so, that even after birds and weather toppled the steeple at St. Mary’s Wedding Chapel, and thieves ran off with the bell, the tradition continues for brides exiting the chapel to ring the temporary replacement bell for good fortune.

History abounds in Rocklin, and owning a piece of California history, or maybe just a granite countertop from one of the area’s historic quarries, is definitely an option for those who are interested.

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