Relive History in Grass Valley

John LaRosa 04/09/2014

Grass Valley, California is a quaint small town that was listed in Time Magazine as one of the top ten places in America to live. Homes in Grass Valley tend to sell quickly, not just because it is a small town or because it was listed in Time Magazine, but because of the historic atmosphere. From old-fashioned hospitality to some of the most famous gold mines in history, Grass Valley reminds Americans of the way life used to be, when times were much simpler.

History plays an important role in any area. Grass Valley just happens to boast the Empire Mine State Historic Park, where visitors can see detailed elements of the California Gold Rush. The Empire Mine was one of the most popular mines in California, because it also happened to be one of the most popular. Visitors can see how things were done and get a glimpse of the past as they walk the trails and note some of the elements that were used back then.  Items like the A-frame that was in constant use as a method by which to load and unload heavy equipment, or the enormous generators that pumped electric through the mines are popular among tourists and residents of Grass Valley.

Visitors will see everything from the Sand Dam where waste ore was dumped to the WYOD (Work Your Own Diggins) mine, where people could rent an area and try to mine the gold from it. In short, there is plenty of history to be celebrated here, from a home in Grass Valley to trails that you can spend days walking on.

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