Small City Living in Roseville

John LaRosa 09/29/2014
Royer Park in Roseville California

Retiring away from city life can mean finding an isolated place to call home, or it can mean finding a Roseville condo for sale.

Getting older and deciding to leave the city doesn’t have to mean being ready for green pastures and backyard chickens. Many older adults find that living in a small city like Roseville is the perfect blend of urban and rural living. Buying a Roseville condo can be far more affordable than a place in the suburbs, and it avoids the traffic of the poor suckers still commuting into work every morning.

But this is a town made for active older adults. With garden clubs and condo communities meant for active retirees, Roseville offers the amenities of a city without all the negative side effects. From gourmet cheese and wine shops to golf courses, Roseville offers entertainment options unavailable further east into the Sierra Nevada foothills. And, of course, Sacramento is just a short drive away to visit old friends who stayed in the city.

footbridge over Dry Creek in Roseville, CA

History buffs and train fanatics can enjoy the city’s designation as Train Town USA and the rotary snow plow recently donated to the city. The area was near the heart of California’s Gold Rush and historic sites dot the region.

For more active seniors, the Sierra foothills offer a variety of recreational opportunities and a chance to enjoy the native fauna of California. Best of all, finding a Roseville home almost always means finding a new bunch of friends, as small city living means a return to neighborhoods and neighbors who know one another.

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