Why Live in Nevada County?

John LaRosa 04/23/2014

One of the things that attracts residents to Nevada County is the natural beauty of the region. With two national forests in the county, a stunning view of the Sierra Nevadas, and Martis Creek Lake, the county appeals to those who want the beauty of California’s climate mixed with the historic appeal of the gold rush communities.

Nevada County borders the state of Nevada, and mapmakers have noted that the county’s borders somewhat resemble a drawing of a Derringer pistol, one of the many weapons popular among miners seeking to protect their claims in the mid-19th century gold rush.

More modern residents looking for Nevada County real estate are often attracted by high tech companies that do business here. Technology has been a part of Nevada County for generations, with the first long-distance telephone company, Ridge Telephone Company, setting up shop here in 1877. More recently, the Grass Valley Group has manufactured and designed video and broadcasting equipment used around the world.  Sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of the Sierras,” Nevada County is home to more than 50 high tech and applied tech companies.

For employees of those companies looking for a place to live, Nevada County may even include land in Rough and Ready, a community that seceded from the United States for a time, calling itself the Great Republic of Rough and Ready. In addition, video game enthusiasts may be interested to know that modern video games got their start in Nevada County with the creation of Pong.

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