Buyers & Sellers Incentive Programs

Cash Back at Closing When You Buy or Sell Your California Home

Simple, Real, and Rewarding

Here's how it works. You help us get the word out about PHA Realty and we credit a portion our commission to you at the close of escrow. And all you have to do is follow our plan and spread the word about the journey. It's easier than you think and the savings can be quite significant.

Save Money on Your Closing Costs

Our Buyers & Sellers Incentive Programs each operate in much the same manner. Learn more about how each individual program works; Buyers Incentive or Sellers Incentive. As a reward to our loyal customers who are willing to share their experience we offer a portion of our commission on either the sale or purchase of your home back to you at the close of escrow. All that we ask is that you follow our guidelines to help streamline the sale/purchase of your home and that you take some time to share your experience with your Family, Friends, Colleagues, and the internet. The amount of the incentive varies by program so explore each program further then...
We know how valuable your time is and we really appreciate your assistance in helping us reach out to potential customers. We consider this incentive as compensation for your time spent helping us get the word out about who we are, how we treat our customers, and the level of service we provide. What will you do with your incentive? Many of our customers use the extra savings to help alleviate their closing costs, reduce their moving expenses, or even to pay for a new appliance.
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Who Pays the Commission?

Don't know how real estate commissions work? Wondering who pays for the real estate agent? It's a common question, and if you don't know you may be pretty surprised. Check out the infographic we produced to help explain; Who's Who (and who pays for what) When Buying a Home. You'll see why it's in your best interest to have an agent on your side and why it's effectively free to you.

Spread the Word

From leaving a Google or Yelp review to sharing some of our web content on one of your social networks. The requirements are quite simple and the results are invaluable to us while rewarding for you. You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours. Well, that sounds a little shaky but we want to reward our loyal customers for helping us reach more potential customers. We think that's only fair and is ultimately a win-win situation. For more detail on the requirements and rebate amounts for each program, please refer to the specific program page as each has slightly different guidelines. If you are going to be buying and selling with us please make sure to ask about qualifying for both programs.

Why Do We Offer This Discount?

We are so certain that our customers will walk away from their real estate transactions with us more than willing to tell the world about what it was like working with us. We're so sure in fact that we're willing to risk giving a rebate to customers who have the ability to leave us a bad review if they are dissatisfied with our service. That’s right! Participants are NOT required to leave a “positive” review, only to complete a reivew. The review itself should reflect their actual opinions about the experience, whether they are positive or negative.

It’s Our Guarantee That You’ll Love Working With Us

It's motivation for us as much as for you. If we want to make sure that we're not throwing that money away, we have to be certain that our clients have nothing but good things to say about us. That means listening, educating, and empowering. It's a guaranteed recipe for success.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

See what our former customers have to say on our Testimonials page. Or you can hear it straight from their lips in this Customer Testimonials Video from Mary Pizzimenti’s (Broker/Founder) past clients. It's easy to see why we're so sure you'll love working with us, this is who we are and how we treat all our clients.

Wow! That’s powerful stuff.

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