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Bad MLS Photo Friday is Back! This One Brought Us Out of Retirement.

John LaRosa 07/15/2018

List Price: $680,000

These photos have not been altered from their original display on the MLS (slight disclaimer on that this week) and the photos are from an active listing in a California MLS at the time of this article’s publication. Yes, they’re actually that bad and they are currently being used to market the home to the public.

This one speaks for itself but don’t worry we’ve still got plenty to say about it too.

Full Disclaimer: The original MLS photos do not pixelate the subject’s face, we did that for our own reasons. Trust us, they’re just as awkward without the pixelated face.

Real Estate Photography 101

The NUMBER ONE RULE in real estate photography . . . wait for it . . . There shouldn’t, under any circumstances, ever, ever, ever, ever be anyone in your real estate listing photos. No people. Not ever. Seriously, Never. Don’t try and come up with a reason why there might need to be a person in a photo, it doesn’t exist. Unless, let’s say, there’s some feature of the home that really needs to be displayed so that its proportional size to the human form is clearly visible. I don’t know about you but every time I see a photo of a bathroom I can’t help but wonder if the toilet is actually people-sized. Am I the only one on that island?

Usually, when you see people in the photo, it’s an accident. Don’t get us wrong though, you can look back through the Bad MLS Photo Friday archives and see plenty of examples of awkward and sometimes unnerving people memorialized in MLS listing photos. That being said, we’ve never seen someone posing, smiling at the camera, in a casual manner, sometimes interacting with the setting, in almost every single photo in the listing. It’s like he was trying to get his print modeling portfolio finished while taking the listing photos.

Why does he need to show us how the technology of a table and a chair are meant to function? Were any of you previously unaware of how that contraption worked?

Oh, This Is Just Too Much

The complete list of photos includes a wide exterior, a close-up of the fireplace, a close-up of the stove, a fence in the backyard, and then several of the same photos with a man posing awkwardly (at best) in the remainder of the photos. What is going on here? Seriously, why did this happen? And in case you’re wondering, yes, these photos are all that were posted in the listing.

And what the heck is going on in the photo in the garden? Is he miming what it would be like to garden with an imaginary shovel?

? ? ?

After viewing all 8 photos of this listing I don’t remember a single thing about the home other than the man in the photos. This is the rare air we’re breathing here my friends. A bad real estate photo hunter can go an entire lifetime without a find like this one. Now let us never forget it.

Don’t let the sale of your home become a joke. It isn’t funny.

We don’t do this to make fun of listings. We do this because we take real estate seriously and we want to show our future clients how much of a mistake it can be when you don’t take this business seriously.

Your Home Deserves More Than That And So Do You

Happy Friday!


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Do You Love Bad MLS Photos? We Do! Bad MLS Photo Friday is Your Weekly Dose of Bad Real Estate Listing Photos

John LaRosa 10/20/2015

It never ceases to amaze us here at PHA Realty how bad some of the photos are that we come across in the MLS while searching for our clients. Sometimes it’s completely mind boggling. Yes, the photos don’t sell the home but bad photos will prevent potential customers from coming to see the home. And guess what that means, it means the there may be less people interested in buying the home. The lower the demand, the lower the value. It’s that simple.

This Is Serious Business

It’s not as if we’re trying to sell $2 toasters on Craigslist. Who cares what the photo of a $2 toaster looks like, someone’s going to buy that toaster because it’s $2 and they need a toaster. Every time we sell a home we’re selling a one-of-a-kind product that’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars.

When selling a home the photos should do everything to clearly communicate the best features of the home and portray it in a honest and comprehensive manner. That doesn’t always require a professional photographer but it does require some skill or at least common sense.

With that, we are proud to present Bad MLS Photo Friday. We’ll be posting our favorite of the worst photos we’ve come across on the MLS.


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Bad Real Estate Photos
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