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See What Mary Pizzimenti’s Customers Have to Say About Their Sierra Foothills Real Estate Broker

John LaRosa 09/25/2019

In Real Estate it’s All About Relationships

At PHA Realty we’re all about Education and Empowerment. These core values come straight from our Broker and Founder, Mary Pizzimenti. Not only does she run the brokerage, she also actively works with clients to help them achieve their goals in real estate today as well as success and prosperity in all their future transactions. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what Mary’s past clients have to say about working with her and PHA Realty.

Why Isn’t Mary Pizzimenti Your Nevada & Placer County REALTOR?

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, Auburn or anywhere in Placer or Nevada County, you need to give Mary a call TODAY! She and the rest of us at PHA Realty are waiting to help you succeed in real estate.

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Join the Festival Atmosphere in Placer County, CA

John LaRosa 09/30/2014
Placer County, CA, home to a number of great festivals

Placer County, CA, has the unique environment of being close to a major city, but also close to nature. Placer County welcomes a diverse cultural background and lifestyle range, but all its residents tend to have one thing in common — they love to celebrate who they are, where they came from, what they do, and the cities they share. It’s no wonder that Placer County is home to hundreds of festivals, fairs, and gatherings every year.

Some of these are traditional and familiar, like the Placer County Fair each June, and the Festival of Lights Parade and Old Country Christmas in Auburn every December.  Others celebrate the rich and storied history of Placer County, including the annual Railroad Days in Colfax (Placer County grew up around the western railroad in the mid-1800s) and Foresthill’s Heritage Festival (home to CA’s Gold Panning Championships).

There’s a BerryFest and a Mountain Mandarin Festival, celebrating strawberries and mandarin oranges, respectively, as well as the Auburn Food and Wine Festival. There’s even a festival dedicated to wooden boats, the Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Week and Concours d’Elegance. And that’s not even starting with the festivals celebrating cultural holidays, like Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day; the festivals centered on art, poetry, and music; and the festivals celebrating nature and the environment.

Moving into one of the many welcoming Placer County homes available will be a fantastic experience for you and your loved ones. You’ll have so many ways to celebrate your new home with all the local festivals and fairs — why pick just one? They all happen every year, so, if you miss a few, don’t worry — they’ll come around again. 

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Oenophiles Gather in Placer County, CA

John LaRosa 09/30/2014
placer county, california vineyards give the napa valley a run for its money and enrich placer county real estate

All wine lovers know that the vineyards of Northern California are not to be missed. Napa Valley, in particular, draws national and international attention for its famous wines. But Placer County, just outside Sacramento, is also acclaimed for its vineyards and wineries. Placer County homes offer a unique opportunity for wine lovers, in the community’s proximity to so many great wineries.

wine tasting, gourmet restaurants, and great shopping in downtown Grass Valley, CA

The Placer County Wine Trail is a county organization dedicated to raising awareness of the area as a premier winemaking region, and is run by the local nonprofit Placer County Vintners. The Trail includes twenty wineries across the cities of Auburn, Lincoln, Loomis, Meadow Vista, Newcastle, and Rocklin, CA. Most of these wineries are family owned and operated, and all of them focus on personal, intimate visits to go along with their handcrafted wine. Differentiating themselves from commercial and impersonal wineries, the wineries of Placer County boast small vineyards and unique wine tasting experiences.

Wine grapes were first brought to the county during the 1848 gold rush, and by 1860 it was an active industry, with many miners having invested their gold in grapes and built vineyards of their own. Prohibition devastated the county’s winemaking industry, but it has made a strong recovery beginning in the 1970s. Placer County grapes are most often compared to the grapes grown in the Rhone Valley in France, as the climates between there and Northern California are fairly similar.

If you’re a wine lover looking for a great real estate property, or a newcomer who would like to learn more about wine, this area has something to offer everyone

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Small City Living in Roseville

John LaRosa 09/29/2014
Royer Park in Roseville California

Retiring away from city life can mean finding an isolated place to call home, or it can mean finding a Roseville condo for sale.

Getting older and deciding to leave the city doesn’t have to mean being ready for green pastures and backyard chickens. Many older adults find that living in a small city like Roseville is the perfect blend of urban and rural living. Buying a Roseville condo can be far more affordable than a place in the suburbs, and it avoids the traffic of the poor suckers still commuting into work every morning.

But this is a town made for active older adults. With garden clubs and condo communities meant for active retirees, Roseville offers the amenities of a city without all the negative side effects. From gourmet cheese and wine shops to golf courses, Roseville offers entertainment options unavailable further east into the Sierra Nevada foothills. And, of course, Sacramento is just a short drive away to visit old friends who stayed in the city.

footbridge over Dry Creek in Roseville, CA

History buffs and train fanatics can enjoy the city’s designation as Train Town USA and the rotary snow plow recently donated to the city. The area was near the heart of California’s Gold Rush and historic sites dot the region.

For more active seniors, the Sierra foothills offer a variety of recreational opportunities and a chance to enjoy the native fauna of California. Best of all, finding a Roseville home almost always means finding a new bunch of friends, as small city living means a return to neighborhoods and neighbors who know one another.

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Enjoy California without Being Crowded In

John LaRosa 09/29/2014
Nevada County CA Real Estate offers rural living in the Sierra Nevada Foothills without sacrificing convenience

Rural living is not necessarily what people think of when they think of California, but Nevada County real estate often offers exactly that – a home in the country.

Unlike the population centers in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, Nevada County, California, does not require people to live on top of one another, with high-rise apartments and tiny little parks instead of wide open spaces. In fact, in Nevada County there are fewer than 100 residents per square mile, so the neighbors are often the sage brush, cacti, and beautiful view.

But living away from the smog and crowded streets does not have to mean living without culture, entertainment, and the good things that come with city-life. Sacramento and San Francisco are easy drives when the siren call of the masses is too much to avoid.

Nevada County Real Estate

This Lake Wildwood home in Nevada County CA offers seclusion and access to the natural beauty of rural California living

But when the visit to the hustle and bustle comes to an end, and it’s time to relax for the night, the weekend, or forever, Nevada County offers a pleasant alternative to the crowds on the coast. With the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the backyard, Nevada County offers secluded estates for those who want to enjoy California’s perfect weather without the city to accompany it.

In eastern California, the crowds do not mar the state’s scenic beauty, and California history is virtually around the corner. Whether it’s just a couple acres to raise some backyard chickens, or a full estate to hide from the world, Nevada County probably has it.

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Great Outdoor Activities in Auburn, CA

John LaRosa 07/25/2014

The American River Canyon in Auburn State Recreation Area

Auburn, CA is the county seat of Placer County and a breathtaking place to live. In particular, fitness enthusiasts and outdoor recreation fans are drawn to Auburn for its many sports and recreation opportunities in nature. Looking at homes in Auburn is a great choice for anyone who loves staying fit in the great outdoors.

Close to the city limits is the Auburn State Recreation Area, a California state park spanning over 40 miles of the American River’s northern and western forks. This park, like many areas in Placer and Nevada Counties, was once an active gold mining area. Now it is just as active with outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, swimming, trail running, horseback riding, camping, and (of course) panning for gold. The two river forks have plentiful whitewater opportunities for raft, canoe, and kayak enthusiasts. Whether you spend a day or a week in the Auburn SRA, you are guaranteed a great outdoor workout.

Auburn CA, World Endurance Capital

Auburn, California; World Endurance Capital

For dedicated athletes, the Auburn SRA also hosts the largest number of endurance sports events anywhere, earning it the epithet “Endurance Capital of the World.” These regular endurance events include running, biking, triathlon, and equestrian events such as the Western States Endurance Run, Tevis Cup Equestrian Ride, Auburn International Half-Ironman Triathlon, Auburn Century 100 Mile Bike Ride, Coolest 24-Hour Mountain Bike Ride, and many more.

All Auburn, CA real estate has the unique benefit of being in the closest city to the Auburn SRA, giving homebuyers a fantastic opportunity to explore their love of outdoor sports and fitness practically in their own backyards. 

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Explore the Arts in Nevada County

John LaRosa 07/12/2014
Del Oro Historic Movie Theatre in Grass Valley, CA

Nevada County is one of many beautiful rural communities across the U.S. to embrace the arts, combining the splendor of its natural surroundings with the inspiration to create and share all kinds of art. This makes Nevada county real estate a great buy for artists and audience members of all ages.

Nevada County is home to an impressive number of arts organizations. These include: sixteen dance companies and studios, ranging from ballet and jazz, to Irish, to contra, to modern contemporary; several literature and poetry groups and lecture series; over a dozen musical groups including a wind orchestra, a jazz society, three choruses, and a taiko drum group; fourteen theaters of varying sizes and genres; and more than twenty visual arts organizations and groups. The local university, Sierra College, supports many of these organizations, as well as supplementing them with its art and dance departments. The Grass Valley Center for the Arts, Nevada City Miners Foundry, and North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center provide welcoming spaces for local performances and touring acts. Nevada County is also home to over a dozen festivals, including the Sierra Arts and Storytelling Festivals and the Nevada City Film Festival.

With its magnificent natural setting augmented by such a diverse and active arts scene, Nevada County is the perfect place to take in—or join in—all the art your heart desires. Looking at Nevada County homes for sale is a wonderful idea for those who are ready to leave the city but still wish to have access to a great arts scene.

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Top Dining Options in Roseville

John LaRosa 07/10/2014

Those looking for homes or condos in Roseville, CA are often interested in the variety of eating and entertainment establishments the city has to offer. Roseville is a historic town with a modern flair. Residents enjoy everything the city has to offer, spanning museums and antiques from its glorious past, to sports and activities like roller blading and waterparks. Some say it is the fine dining that really makes this city memorable.

The Opera House Saloon in Roseville, originally known as the McRae Opera House, was built in 1908. It is a two-story venue whose upper floor has served as a social hall for meetings, plays, dances, boxing matches, and even as a roller rink. The lower level has housed the offices of McRae Insurance, the Piggly Wiggly, and the town’s first newspaper, the Roseville Register. Today, the lower level is an old time saloon complete with oak and brass bar. The upstairs houses the county’s largest dance floor. Drinks and food are served, and live bands – rock, on Fridays and country, on Saturdays – are featured weekly.

Bunz Sports Pub and Grub started life 20 years ago as Bunz & Company. Under new ownership, both graduates of Roseville High and avid athletes, Bunz is a place where residents can enjoy good food, good company, and great sports. It boasts 15 flat-screen TVs and digital sound, so guests can enjoy any game, match, or race while they dine. It is a family-oriented place with video games and a pool table in the “Skybox” for kids to enjoy.

The Boxing Donkey Irish Pub in Downtown Roseville CA

Those looking for real estate in Roseville, CA might also enjoy the Irish pub, The Boxing Donkey. With fun menu selections like corned beef tacos and Donkey Fries, the food is sure to please.

Roseville, CA has lots of great options for dining, so you won’t have to cook every meal at home after you move to your new home in this quaint town.

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Rocklin, California – A Chance to Live Amid History

John LaRosa 07/10/2014

Rocklin, CA established 1893 has a visible and rich history

Rocklin, CA is now a thriving community, though it has seen its fair share of hard times. Its place in history is clearly visible in the architecture of many of its well-preserved buildings and homes. Rocklin is a great place to live with homes that are very affordable. For those who want to step back in time a bit, Rocklin has something to love for people of all ages.

Rocklin City Hall started out in 1912 as a company store for California Granite Company. The Great Depression caused the quarry industry to falter, and creditors seized the building in 1931. The City of Rocklin bought the building from a subsequent owner in 1941, and it has served as City Hall ever since. During the 1940s, the city’s library was housed on the ground floor.

Just across the street from City Hall is the Rocklin History Museum. The building was constructed in 1905 as the home and office of the town doctor. The Rocklin Historical Society saved the building from demolition in 2001, and restored it, making it the city’s only public museum.

Saint Mary’s Chapel still sits a few doors down from its original location where it was dedicated as Saint Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church in 1883. It was subsequently moved and restored in 2005. Today it serves as a non-denominational wedding chapel, and each bride is allowed to pull the rope to ring its steeple bell after her ceremony.

Other historic buildings and homes are scattered throughout the town, including 3 Victorian homes near the corner of Rocklin Road and Fifth Street. Check out Rocklin, CA for a chance to live amid history. 

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Getting to Know Roseville, CA

John LaRosa 06/17/2014

Roseville CA

Roseville, California is a scenic suburb of Sacramento that offers plenty for new homebuyers. If you are considering one of the many homes or condos in Roseville CA for your new home, take a few minutes to get to know this great area a little better.

People enjoying the shops and restaurants in the Roseville Historical Downtown District

The city was originally named Griders, and was a stage coach station that connected people with transportation to the area’s cities and towns. The town’s name was changed again to Junction, when the railroads came through. Eventually, the name was changed to Roseville. Although the city was officially incorporated in 1909, Roseville has been on the map under different names since before the Gold Rush.

Today, Roseville is a vibrant community. The Fountains shopping center was built in 2007 to meet the needs of the growing area, and it is also home to one of the largest auto malls in the U.S. The city has a revitalized historic district, and beautification projects are ongoing to help preserve the look of this cozy California town.

Many people are looking for homes in Roseville, because this area is so attractive for both young singles and families. With several large employers in Placer County, there are more job opportunities in this area than other metropolitan areas. Roseville also has public transportation that connects residents with jobs for an affordable commute.

If you are looking to relocate away from the city, but still want to live in a bustling community, Roseville CA might be the perfect option for you. 

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