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Get Fit in Roseville California

John LaRosa 04/09/2014

The town of Roseville, CA is getting more popular by the minute. It isn’t just that this is a great place to live; it’s a great place to cultivate a new kind of lifestyle. In many communities, people tend to work out in their homes; people in Roseville have learned to combine fitness with community and take it to a whole other level.

Consider the Saturday Art Walk that happens every 3rd Saturday of the month between six and nine in the evenings. Businesses stay open and welcome visitors to see the latest artwork of community artists. The community gets to support local artisans, while getting exercise at the same time. It’s a great way to meet other members of the community, get out of the house and support local businesses of all types, while enjoying the simple exercise of walking.

For those who live in Roseville, CA and want a bit more focus on their exercise plan, the Town Square has plenty to offer. You can find yoga and other exercise classes being held at the Town Square on Vernon Street for very little cost. This is a great way for the community to get together and embrace healthy practices, while getting to know each other. Anyone 16 or over can join, so there is ample opportunity for the whole family to do something together while getting healthy and meeting other members of the community. 

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