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Enjoy California without Being Crowded In

John LaRosa 09/29/2014
Nevada County CA Real Estate offers rural living in the Sierra Nevada Foothills without sacrificing convenience

Rural living is not necessarily what people think of when they think of California, but Nevada County real estate often offers exactly that – a home in the country.

Unlike the population centers in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, Nevada County, California, does not require people to live on top of one another, with high-rise apartments and tiny little parks instead of wide open spaces. In fact, in Nevada County there are fewer than 100 residents per square mile, so the neighbors are often the sage brush, cacti, and beautiful view.

But living away from the smog and crowded streets does not have to mean living without culture, entertainment, and the good things that come with city-life. Sacramento and San Francisco are easy drives when the siren call of the masses is too much to avoid.

Nevada County Real Estate

This Lake Wildwood home in Nevada County CA offers seclusion and access to the natural beauty of rural California living

But when the visit to the hustle and bustle comes to an end, and it’s time to relax for the night, the weekend, or forever, Nevada County offers a pleasant alternative to the crowds on the coast. With the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the backyard, Nevada County offers secluded estates for those who want to enjoy California’s perfect weather without the city to accompany it.

In eastern California, the crowds do not mar the state’s scenic beauty, and California history is virtually around the corner. Whether it’s just a couple acres to raise some backyard chickens, or a full estate to hide from the world, Nevada County probably has it.

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Explore the Arts in Nevada County

John LaRosa 07/12/2014
Del Oro Historic Movie Theatre in Grass Valley, CA

Nevada County is one of many beautiful rural communities across the U.S. to embrace the arts, combining the splendor of its natural surroundings with the inspiration to create and share all kinds of art. This makes Nevada county real estate a great buy for artists and audience members of all ages.

Nevada County is home to an impressive number of arts organizations. These include: sixteen dance companies and studios, ranging from ballet and jazz, to Irish, to contra, to modern contemporary; several literature and poetry groups and lecture series; over a dozen musical groups including a wind orchestra, a jazz society, three choruses, and a taiko drum group; fourteen theaters of varying sizes and genres; and more than twenty visual arts organizations and groups. The local university, Sierra College, supports many of these organizations, as well as supplementing them with its art and dance departments. The Grass Valley Center for the Arts, Nevada City Miners Foundry, and North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center provide welcoming spaces for local performances and touring acts. Nevada County is also home to over a dozen festivals, including the Sierra Arts and Storytelling Festivals and the Nevada City Film Festival.

With its magnificent natural setting augmented by such a diverse and active arts scene, Nevada County is the perfect place to take in—or join in—all the art your heart desires. Looking at Nevada County homes for sale is a wonderful idea for those who are ready to leave the city but still wish to have access to a great arts scene.

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Nevada County Has Plenty to Offer New Residents

John LaRosa 06/12/2014

Lake of the Pines in Nevada County, CA

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nevada County is home to nearly 100,000 people. Cities within Nevada County include Grass Valley, Nevada City, Lake Wildwood, Rough & Ready, Alta Sierra, North San Juan, Lake of the Pines, Cedar Ridge, and the surrounding rural countryside. Conveniently situated only 52 miles northeast of Sacramento, both Nevada City and Grass Valley have storied pasts and prosperous futures.  This area is a great option for those seeking a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

Homes in Nevada County, CA

Settlers would rest at the sites of what are now Grass Valley and Nevada City after crossing through the Sierra Mountains via Donner’s Pass. In 1849, two bands of pioneers decided to make camp for good, and these two cities were founded. The Gold Rush of 1849-50 really put these two towns on the map, with Grass Valley being one of the original “Boom Towns.” In a span of 8 years, more than $25,000,000 in gold ore was gleaned from the surrounding hills and rivers.

Today, this area has been re-nicknamed as “Little Silicon Valley.” The area is now a boomtown for those in the high-tech industries and offers some of the highest paying tech jobs in the nation. This is augmented by an active arts and entertainment industry. At least six live theaters, several movie theaters, a number of dance academies, and other arts venues make their home in Nevada County. This makes Nevada County real estate a good buy for hard-working, fun-loving people looking to make a home for themselves in Northern California.

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Nevada County Fall Colors Come to Life

Mary Pizzimenti 09/20/2013
The Fall Colors of Nevada County set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

It’s that time of year again, the last vestiges of the summer heat are slowly fading away and the days are getting shorter. In Nevada County that means it’s time for the hills and mountains to spring to life with vibrant shades of oranges, yellows, and reds. Weather conditions at 2,500 feet in the Sierra Nevada foothills are perfect for the formation of the brilliant colors the area has become known for. As temperatures begin to drop and the days shorten chlorophyll production is slowed in plant life. For many trees and plants this means that colors other than green can become visible. For residents and visitors of Nevada County it means a lively celebration of the colors of fall painting the hillsides and decorating the streets.

Fall is already a great time to visit the bucolic foothill cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City. The area’s rich Gold Rush history, the reduction in visitors due to the cooler weather, and the abundance of gourmet restaurants and boutique inns and hotels makes this a perfect time to visit the area. Add to that the splendor of bright yellow, orange, and red that blankets the cities and it’s not hard to see why the locale is such a hidden gem.

Serious enthusiasts or those looking to make a weekend of their Fall Colors tour have the 160 mile Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway that loops through the foothills, up to Donner and Yuba Summits, and back down circling the Tahoe National Forest. This route starts in Nevada City and follows State Highways 20, 49, and 89 as well as Interstate 80, and offers a wide variety of foliage and scenic backdrops.

It is impossible to predict the peak color weeks during which the Fall Colors are most lively but the middle of October through Thanksgiving is generally considered the best time to visit. Both the Nevada City and Grass Valley Chambers of Commerce encourage visitors to call ahead and inquire about conditions. They will be more than happy to help you determine how to plan your trip and can provide you with info on some of the best places to view the breathtaking foliage.

The link to the Fall Colors Brochure located after the article provides a map of some scenic views of autumn foliage found around Grass Valley and Nevada City.

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