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Rocklin, California – A Chance to Live Amid History

John LaRosa 07/10/2014

Rocklin, CA established 1893 has a visible and rich history

Rocklin, CA is now a thriving community, though it has seen its fair share of hard times. Its place in history is clearly visible in the architecture of many of its well-preserved buildings and homes. Rocklin is a great place to live with homes that are very affordable. For those who want to step back in time a bit, Rocklin has something to love for people of all ages.

Rocklin City Hall started out in 1912 as a company store for California Granite Company. The Great Depression caused the quarry industry to falter, and creditors seized the building in 1931. The City of Rocklin bought the building from a subsequent owner in 1941, and it has served as City Hall ever since. During the 1940s, the city’s library was housed on the ground floor.

Just across the street from City Hall is the Rocklin History Museum. The building was constructed in 1905 as the home and office of the town doctor. The Rocklin Historical Society saved the building from demolition in 2001, and restored it, making it the city’s only public museum.

Saint Mary’s Chapel still sits a few doors down from its original location where it was dedicated as Saint Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church in 1883. It was subsequently moved and restored in 2005. Today it serves as a non-denominational wedding chapel, and each bride is allowed to pull the rope to ring its steeple bell after her ceremony.

Other historic buildings and homes are scattered throughout the town, including 3 Victorian homes near the corner of Rocklin Road and Fifth Street. Check out Rocklin, CA for a chance to live amid history. 

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Historic Rocklin – A Great Place to Call Home for History Buffs

John LaRosa 05/08/2014

History buffs will love living in Rocklin, California because of the vast number of historical sites there are to enjoy. Some celebrate the community’s Finnish ancestry, while others are reminders of the city’s connection to its quarry roots. Fans of Rocklin’s history and its contributions will appreciate the many beautiful sites in this wonderful town.  Living in Rocklin is like living in history.

Finnish Sites

The Rocklin community has a strong Finnish background that has not been lost to the ravages of time. The Old Finnish Picnic grounds just past the end of China Garden Road were once a gathering place for area Finns. Finnish Temperance Hall sits on the corner of Rocklin Road and South Grove Street. The granite industry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries gave rise to an abundance of saloons and, with them, came community-wide drinking problems. The hall was built to help with the problem and acted as a social gathering place beginning in 1905.


The Union Granite Company once operated a quarry in the early 20th century, now occupied by the lake that can be seen at the corner of Rocklin Road and Granite Drive. The Quinn Quarry situated on Winding Lane was run by the Quinn family in the mid- to late-1800s. The Capitol Quarry is also known as the Big Gun Quarry. It opened in 1864 and remained open and active until 2005, when it became the last of Rocklin’s 62 quarries to close. Other quarry sites to visit include the Brigham and Hawes Quarry.

The Rocklin Cemetery was started in the 1850s when an inebriated citizen was buried right in the spot where he died. Rocklin’s City Hall was built in 1912, originally as a company store for the employees of Adolf Pernu’s 20th Century California Granite Company. It has housed everything from a market to a library. There are even a few historic Rocklin, CA homes for sale from time to time. 

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Rockin’ Homes in Rocklin

John LaRosa 03/24/2014

Buyers will find that there are homes for sale in Rocklin, CA to fit virtually any budget. The market has a wide variety of properties to view, from detached houses to condos and townhomes. Situated 22 miles northeast of Sacramento, the city is located in Placer County. Families who want to relocate to the area will find easy access to several schools, walking and biking trails, shopping centers, golf courses and a variety of local activities. There are plenty of reasons to move to a new home in Rocklin.

Single-family home options including townhouses, condominiums and other attached units, in the median price range of $250,000 to $500,000, can be found throughout the city. Detached homes are priced at an average of $420,000. In March of 2014 a simple empty 6,600-square foot lot was on the market for $75,000, with sewer and water access. This offers the rare opportunity for a new-construction home or manufactured home. You can also find spacious homes that offer two or three bedrooms at affordable prices throughout Rocklin. Really, no matter what size home you are looking for or what your budget is, you can find the perfect home for you and your family in this community.

Many of the house listings offer comfort and style to meet personal requirements, such as multiple bathrooms and modern kitchens; tile, laminate, wood or carpeted floors; and a garage. They may have fireplaces to go along with central air conditioning and heating. Rocklin, CA homes for sale are situated on landscaped lots, some with swimming pools, floral gardens, or breathtaking views of the Sacramento Valley.

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