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Rocklin is Full of Family-Friendly Fun

John LaRosa 06/17/2014

Saturday Morning Rocklin Little League Game at Twin Oaks Park

When shopping for a new home, couples with children are concerned with more than just the state of the home they are buying. Fortunately, Rocklin homes are situated in an area that is tailor-made for families with young children.

Excellent Schools

It isn’t often that you find a great neighborhood with affordable homes and stellar schools, but Rocklin is that rare find. Each of the public schools in the area is ranked as a 9 or 10 on the California Academic Performance Index (API), so parents can feel confident about enrolling their kids in area schools. If you prefer not to go with a public school education, you can choose from dozens of excellent private schools for your children as well.

Beautiful Parks

Rocklin CA is known for its abundance of great parks and recreation space

Kids need lots of fresh air and room to play, and you do too. Fortunately, Rocklin is also home to a number of excellent parks. The parks department offers before and after school programs, preschool, and a host of activities to keep the little ones busy year-round. Special events like movies in the park and festivals give the whole family fun activities to do together. Rocklin also offers a number of hiking and running trails for when you need to get some space or get your heart-rate up.

Safe Neighborhoods

Rocklin is a safe, quiet community that is well-suited for raising children. Cozy streets, safe homes, and a caring community make this a wonderful place to get away from the big city and focus on giving your kids a great childhood.

Rocklin homes offer you a wonderful opportunity to move to a quiet, family-friendly area. With great schools, plenty of recreation activities, and safe streets, Rocklin is the perfect place to call home for you and your children. 

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Top Reasons Why Placer County Is the Place to Live

John LaRosa 06/13/2014

Placer County

There’s So Much to See and Do in Placer County

The Different Regions of Placer County California

Placer County is divided into three distinct regions, giving homebuyers unparalleled options. There is The Valley, Gold Country, and The High Sierras. Each has its own distinct flavor and lifestyle, and yet they are close enough to one another that residents can experience all the wonders of each region. Placer County homes allow residents to live in the heart of it all.

The Valley is made up of communities, such as Roseville, where residents can enjoy shopping at the large and impressive Galleria Mall or The Fountains shopping center. For those who prefer the outdoors, there are ample open-air markets too, including the largest in all of Northern California, the Denio’s Farmer’s Market and Auction. Rocklin is the historic heart of The Valley with its numerous quarries and historic sites. In the City of Lincoln, residents can take in the national ceramic exhibit titled “Feats of Clay,” or indulge in the delicious produce from Loomis’ famous orchards.

Gold Rush Sculpture in Auburn CA

Gold Country was where it all started in 1849, and residents can immerse themselves in its history by retracing the old wagon trails and trying their luck at gold panning. River rafting and nature photography are also abundant here, as are the antique shops and museums. Many of the streets in Gold Country look much the way they did 150 years ago.

The High Sierras are home to some of the world’s best ski resorts, as well as Squaw Valley, the home of the 1960 Olympics. Many come for Lake Tahoe and the water activities it provides. In addition to skiing, fishing, scuba diving, and ballooning, residents can be found cruising on paddlewheel or glass bottom boats, or taking a break from it all in one of the area’s casinos. Placer County homes put people in the right place for all the wonderful things our county has to offer. 

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Nevada County Has Plenty to Offer New Residents

John LaRosa 06/12/2014

Lake of the Pines in Nevada County, CA

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nevada County is home to nearly 100,000 people. Cities within Nevada County include Grass Valley, Nevada City, Lake Wildwood, Rough & Ready, Alta Sierra, North San Juan, Lake of the Pines, Cedar Ridge, and the surrounding rural countryside. Conveniently situated only 52 miles northeast of Sacramento, both Nevada City and Grass Valley have storied pasts and prosperous futures.  This area is a great option for those seeking a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

Homes in Nevada County, CA

Settlers would rest at the sites of what are now Grass Valley and Nevada City after crossing through the Sierra Mountains via Donner’s Pass. In 1849, two bands of pioneers decided to make camp for good, and these two cities were founded. The Gold Rush of 1849-50 really put these two towns on the map, with Grass Valley being one of the original “Boom Towns.” In a span of 8 years, more than $25,000,000 in gold ore was gleaned from the surrounding hills and rivers.

Today, this area has been re-nicknamed as “Little Silicon Valley.” The area is now a boomtown for those in the high-tech industries and offers some of the highest paying tech jobs in the nation. This is augmented by an active arts and entertainment industry. At least six live theaters, several movie theaters, a number of dance academies, and other arts venues make their home in Nevada County. This makes Nevada County real estate a good buy for hard-working, fun-loving people looking to make a home for themselves in Northern California.

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Roseville, California has Year-Round Appeal

John LaRosa 05/18/2014

Roseville, Calif. offers entertainment and activities for families, couples, and individuals year round. Regardless of interests or hobbies, there is something for everyone, any time of the year in Roseville. Homes and condos in Roseville are often hard to come by because so many people want to be close to the fun and activities.

In the summer, take a turn around the Miners Ravine Trail Loop as it slowly meanders through Roseville following the Miners Ravine and Dry Creek. It winds through a wooded area, ten suburban neighborhoods, and then through the downtown area. The length of the trail runs from Sierra College Blvd. to Darling Way.

When fall arrives, get in the spirit of things with a visit to Callson Manor Haunted House. Owned by a Hollywood filmmaker, and an engineer in special effects, the Manor is among the most extreme haunted houses in the Sacramento area. Indulge in Zombie Paintball, visit the Ghost Town, and enjoy barbeque-style refreshments in the Haunted Courtyard.

The Maidu Interpretive Center Museum is open year round, but makes a great place to visit during the school year when education is what it’s all about. Nisenan Maidu families lived here for roughly 3,000 years and left behind hundreds of bedrock mortar holes, and stunning petroglyphs and rock art. It offers interpretive programs, presentations, and learning through special events, year round.

Another indoor activity center is Roller King Skating & Blading, a family-owned-and-operated skate center in Roseville. When it comes to living close to the excitement, Roseville has everything that you could ever imagine — and more.

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Family Fun in Rocklin California

John LaRosa 05/18/2014

Rocklin, California is a community that puts family first. This is evidenced by the wide variety of things there are to do in Rocklin that are designed for family, fun, and entertainment. Rocklin, Calif. homes don’t stay on the market very long because families love the rich, cultural environment and the opportunity to spend time having fun and making memories together.

Sky Zone recreation is one such place where families can have a blast. Located at 1091 Tinker Rd, Ste 200b, near the intersection of Tinker Rd and Industrial Avenue, this recreation center offers an indoor trampoline court. This popular attraction offers a wide range of activities for kids of all ages, with scheduled times for open jumping, fitness classes, and dodge ball. The facilities can be rented for birthday parties and corporate events, as well.

LaserCraze in Rocklin is another activity center where families can have fun playing together. It is one of Northern California’s biggest high-tech laser tag centers. It has more than 18,000 square feet of fun and employs a 7,000 square foot multi-level laser tag complex to dazzle and amaze visitors. There are also inflatable bounce houses, an arcade, and a cafe on site.

While golf may not come to mind as a family pastime, the Whitney Oaks Golf Club thinks it should be. On Sundays, they offer Family Day at Whitney Oaks. It includes a sit-down meal in their Pyramid Bar and Grill, followed by a family game of golf where kids under 18 golf for free. Adults can play for the fee of renting a golf cart: just $20. These activities are just a small part of why Rocklin, Calif. is growing in popularity.

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Historic Rocklin – A Great Place to Call Home for History Buffs

John LaRosa 05/08/2014

History buffs will love living in Rocklin, California because of the vast number of historical sites there are to enjoy. Some celebrate the community’s Finnish ancestry, while others are reminders of the city’s connection to its quarry roots. Fans of Rocklin’s history and its contributions will appreciate the many beautiful sites in this wonderful town.  Living in Rocklin is like living in history.

Finnish Sites

The Rocklin community has a strong Finnish background that has not been lost to the ravages of time. The Old Finnish Picnic grounds just past the end of China Garden Road were once a gathering place for area Finns. Finnish Temperance Hall sits on the corner of Rocklin Road and South Grove Street. The granite industry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries gave rise to an abundance of saloons and, with them, came community-wide drinking problems. The hall was built to help with the problem and acted as a social gathering place beginning in 1905.


The Union Granite Company once operated a quarry in the early 20th century, now occupied by the lake that can be seen at the corner of Rocklin Road and Granite Drive. The Quinn Quarry situated on Winding Lane was run by the Quinn family in the mid- to late-1800s. The Capitol Quarry is also known as the Big Gun Quarry. It opened in 1864 and remained open and active until 2005, when it became the last of Rocklin’s 62 quarries to close. Other quarry sites to visit include the Brigham and Hawes Quarry.

The Rocklin Cemetery was started in the 1850s when an inebriated citizen was buried right in the spot where he died. Rocklin’s City Hall was built in 1912, originally as a company store for the employees of Adolf Pernu’s 20th Century California Granite Company. It has housed everything from a market to a library. There are even a few historic Rocklin, CA homes for sale from time to time. 

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History and the Arts, All in Grass Valley

John LaRosa 05/08/2014

It can be tough to find Grass Valley homes for sale because so many people want to live in this beautiful and culturally rich community. With a storied history that anchors its place in the world and a modern center for the arts, Grass Valley bridges not only time, but vast areas of social and cultural interest, as well.

The Empire Mine State Historic Park houses the remains of what was once one of the West’s most productive and lucrative gold mines. It operated for 106 years and produced 5.8 million ounces of gold. Visitors can take tours of the Bourne Cottage, the home of one of the mine’s past owners; the mine yard; and can even take underground tours. The museum also stages “living events” for the enjoyment and education of its guests.

The Center for the Arts also enriches the community through cultural and educational programs using literary, visual, and performing arts. It has become a hub of activity, serving Nevada County with a wide range of programs that include music, dance, theater, film, visual arts, and more. Located in downtown Grass Valley, the center consists of a 21,000 square foot, multi-purpose facility, a 300-seat main theater, a 90-seat black box theater, 2 art galleries, and classrooms for educational programs.

Grass Valley homes don’t stay on the market long, because buyers realize the value they are getting with a home in such a culturally rich area. If you want to move to a quiet community that is close to a cultural hub of the West Coast, this area might be perfect for you. 

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Why Live in Nevada County?

John LaRosa 04/23/2014

One of the things that attracts residents to Nevada County is the natural beauty of the region. With two national forests in the county, a stunning view of the Sierra Nevadas, and Martis Creek Lake, the county appeals to those who want the beauty of California’s climate mixed with the historic appeal of the gold rush communities.

Nevada County borders the state of Nevada, and mapmakers have noted that the county’s borders somewhat resemble a drawing of a Derringer pistol, one of the many weapons popular among miners seeking to protect their claims in the mid-19th century gold rush.

More modern residents looking for Nevada County real estate are often attracted by high tech companies that do business here. Technology has been a part of Nevada County for generations, with the first long-distance telephone company, Ridge Telephone Company, setting up shop here in 1877. More recently, the Grass Valley Group has manufactured and designed video and broadcasting equipment used around the world.  Sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of the Sierras,” Nevada County is home to more than 50 high tech and applied tech companies.

For employees of those companies looking for a place to live, Nevada County may even include land in Rough and Ready, a community that seceded from the United States for a time, calling itself the Great Republic of Rough and Ready. In addition, video game enthusiasts may be interested to know that modern video games got their start in Nevada County with the creation of Pong.

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Nevada County Brings Life to a Golden History

John LaRosa 04/17/2014

A history buff will find plenty of exciting spots to visit when beginning to look at Nevada County real estate. The beautiful scenery of this area coupled with the many historical attractions make Nevada County a great place to live, work, learn and play.

Empire Mine State Historic Park pays homage to the men and women who settled and worked in the area in the 1800s. Mineyard Living History volunteers dress in period costumes while portraying what life was like for the gold miners, blacksmiths, and settlers. A traditional Miner’s Picnic with entertainment, equipment demonstrations, antique cars, a cake walk, and children’s activities is held during the summer.

Alta Sierra Biblical Gardens, a peaceful non-denominational setting, is a welcome haven for Christians, garden groups, artists, or anyone who appreciates the solitude of a gorgeous garden. The old wagon trail used by travelers during the 1860s gold rush leads to a twenty-two acre retreat with a stream, waterfalls and amazing garden with statues based on Bible stories.

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is a place to focus on the history of the county. Visitors can take part in living history days at least once a month at the park. This gives an opportunity for a hands-on learning experience about life in the mid-1800s. Nevada County will give the historically inclined hobbyist, writer, or re-enactor a golden opportunity to settle in history-rich California.

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Nature Draws Homeowners to Placer County

John LaRosa 04/17/2014

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find fresh air and plenty of activity when searching for Placer County homes listed with California realty companies. There is always something to do for active singles, retirees, or families who relocate to the area.


Enjoy breathtaking offerings on the scenic Miner’s Ravine Nature Trail which is open to joggers, bikers or anyone who is simply out to walk the family dog.  Keep up with a fitness regime by running or walking on the many trails and back roads in Placer County. Mountain biking is a physical challenge on the American River bike trail. Take a family break and picnic while day hiking in the Tahoe National Forest. The Granite Chief Wilderness area is a protected environment with granite formations, glacier carved valleys, mountain meadows, and miles of trails for serious hikers. This is also considered bear country, which should interest the avid photographer.

Outdoor Adventure

For the avid sport enthusiast there is backpacking and camping in the foothills and High Sierra region of the county. The entire family will enjoy water activities including swimming, parasailing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and water skiing at Lake Tahoe, Rollins Lake, Lake Clementine, and Folsom Lake. Areas are open for hunting and fishing, along with access to four-wheel drive trails. Winter activities such as ice skating and snowmobiling are favored in Placer County. The historically well-known Donner Pass, located in Tahoe National Forest, is a recommended cross country skiing and dogsledding area. Placer County homes are the resting spots between trips into the natural environment that the state has to offer.

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